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Real Estate Acquisition and Partnerships

handshakeWe are passionate about rental housing for students, seniors, and families and welcome the opportunity to expand our portfolio.

Our private investments are well managed and positioned to minimize risks and achieve financial performance for our investors.  We are well connected in the industry and have a proven track record.

If you share our vision and values, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your idea or opportunity.

Acquisition Criteria

We are actively seeking investment opportunities in BC and Alberta that provide rental income and upside potential:

1)  by revitalizing existing properties or

2) by providing purpose built rental development opportunities.

 We look for good locations where we can add value.  There may be vacancy or high management cost issues, or some redevelopment potential.

Investment Partnerships

We partner with non-profit organizations, sophisticated investors and land owners that share our vision and values:

1) Non-Profit Organizations may be interested in building rental housing or redeveloping an existing property and/or revitalizing existing properties

2) Sophisticated Investors may wish to build a private real estate portfolio but would like to use Dollar Road as the managing partner

3) Land owners may hold real estate with development potential and may be interested in partnering with Dollar Road to develop the property and profit from re-zoning.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you to discuss your idea, opportunity or to learn more about Dollar Road Investment.